Trophy Dall Sheep

Western Alaska Range

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Our Alaska Dall Sheep hunt is conducted in the shadows of Mount Denali (McKinley), just outside of Denali National Park, in the western Alaska Range. Litzen Guide Service has produced an average of 95% success on trophy rams over the last 20 years. As always, sheep can be very difficult, but this area has a good population of sheep. With many years of experience, Michael Litzen and his guides have clients enjoying a high success rate and the result is even higher customer satisfaction rates. Average horn length of rams harvested has been nearly 37 inches. Combination hunts are available for caribou, black bear, grizzly or moose.

Dall Sheep 2020

Dall Sheep 2020

2020 Season Update:

After many seasons of 100% success for sheep, the Alaska Range and many other parts of the State of Alaska, had a real bad winter with deep snow all the way through March and April last year that hurt the sheep population with winter mortality. We ended up only two for seven for sheep in the 2020 hunting season. Another contributing factor to the lower than normal success rates was a very cold and snowy lambing season in May and early June of 2013 that killed many lambs. As a result of that, there were very few seven year old rams in the population for us to hunt in August of 2020. We are hoping for a normal winter for 2020/2021 so
that the population can recover.

In 2019 we had a 100% success rate taking 7 rams for 7 hunters with a 37″ average. Most sheep taken were 8 and 9 year olds. In 2018 we took 7 rams for 7 hunter with a 37″ average size and 9 age average. Our largest ram was 40″. In 2017 we took 7 rams for 7 hunters with a 37.5″ average size and 9.5 age average. In 2016 we took 5 sheep (with a 38″ average) for 7 hunters and all but one had shooting opportunity. In 2015 we had seven hunters and took seven rams with a 38″ average. Our largest ram made the Boone and Crockett record book. We had seven sheep hunters in 2014 and took six nice rams averaging 37”. Our largest ram did not quite break that elusive 40” mark but was 39 ¾’. In 2013 we had success rate of 71% (5 for 7) and the rams taken ranged from 8 to 11 years old. All clients saw legal rams. In 2012 we were 100% successful on all sheep hunters with a 37.5″ average. We took two sheep that were 39.5″. In 2011, Sheep success rates were 78%, (7 for 9) with a 37” average, 38.5” x 14” was the largest. In 2008 & 2009, we were 100% successful. 

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Dall Sheep Hunting Prices:

2021 Hunting Price …………………… $20,900  Sold Out
2022 Hunting Price …………………. $22,990  Sold Out
2023 Hunting Price …………………… $22,990

HUNT DATES: August 8th – 18th, 9 hunting-days & August 12th – 22nd, 9 hunting-days

SEASON: August 10th – September 20th.


14-Day 1X1 Sheep / Grizzly Combo Hunt
(August 28 – Sept. 10)
* Please discuss with Michael other species available for this hunt. 

2021 ………………. $26,750  Sold Out
2022 ………………. $29,400  Sold Out
2023 ………………. $29,400  Sold Out

Incidental harvest by trophy fee available:  
 Caribou $6,750, Black Bear $3,750.
2022 & 2023: Caribou $7,500, Black Bear $4,500.
No fee or tag required for wolf.

Non-Hunter Rates:
2021: Non-Hunter Rate (per day) $450
2022 & 2023: Non-Hunter Rate (per day) $500

It is recommended for all hunters to schedule on extra day in Anchorage at the end of their hunt to facilitate arrangements with service providers for meat and trophy care.

Hunt Agreement – Terms & Conditions
Download, Print & Read

Assumption of Risks & Liability Release
Download, Print & Read

Covid-19 Assumption of Risk, Release & Waiver of Liability
Download, Print & Read

Included in Hunt Rates: 1X1 guide service, meals, main and spike camp accommodations, trophy care (In field) and transportation during hunt..

Not Included in Hunt Rates:

Gratuity: 8 – 10%. If you are pleased with your personal guides service, show your appreciation!

Transportation from Anchorage: Fly from Anchorage to McGrath with Reeve Air Alaska. Michael will advise the exact day and flights. After arrival in McGrath hunters will contact Hotel McGrath if  staying overnight. Some clients will be picked up that day by Michael and flown directly to the lodge, Michael will advise.

Charter out to hunting lodge: Fly with Litzen Guide Service for $1,200 per flight, cost shared between all guests flying to and from the lodge.

License & Tags  Unlimited tags are available online or can be purchased upon arrival in Anchorage.

Alaska Big Game Tag & License Prices :
license @ $160,  brown/grizzly bear @ $1000,  moose @ $800,  sheep @ $850, caribou @ $650,  black bear @ $450,  wolverine @ $350, wolf @ $60,  tags may be used on any animal of equal or lesser value. These fees subject to change.
Harvest Tickets should be acquired at the same time as your tags. (Moose, Caribou, Sheep) 

Litzen Guide Service
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Kenai, AK   99611

Phone: 907-776-5868


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